Natural And Effective Methods to Manage Hair Fall and Boost Hair Growth

Let’s quickly examine what hair fall is and when one should start thinking about it before we get into knowing the remedies synthesised from rich Ayurvedic herbs to help manage hair fall and promote hair growth. What steps must be taken, and how quickly must it be resolved?

What is Hair fall?

The phrase “hair fall” is frequently used to refer to the quantity of hair we lose each day. According to several studies from well-known Derma & Trichology experts, it is normal for anyone to lose anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair daily. We have over 100,000 or more hair follicles on the scalp and losing a few does not qualify as a reason to worry. However, if this number increases considerably, then one must not ignore it and look for a professional hair solution.

In Ayurveda, the ‘science of Life’ definition of the condition of abnormal hair falls or hair loss is known as ‘Khalitya’, i.e., weakening or withering of the hair from the hair roots.

Common Cause of Hair Fall Problems:

  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Medication
  • Genetic
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Stress
  • Healthy Snacking Options

There are various natural ingredients that practically Ayurvedic science supports for hair fall problems, such as:

  • Aloe Vera/Ghrit Kumari: Aloe vera can be used to reduce hair loss and promote natural hair growth. Aloe vera’s enzymes assist in maintaining the pH levels of the scalp, which in turn encourages the growth of healthy hair. Additionally, it might lessen itching and dandruff, the prime effect of this natural ingredient will be when it is infused in any Ayurvedic hair oil.
  • Amla: The Indian gooseberry is a good source of antioxidants and vitamin C. It aids in halting hair loss, maintaining the condition of the scalp, and encouraging hair growth. Apply a mixture of lemon juice and amla juice, amla powder, or any Ayurvedic hair oil containing amla extracts to the scalp to reap the benefits. Amla can assist in reversing the process of hair loss if administered in the early stages.
  • Shvet Sandalwood: It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. It prevents dandruff from forming and keeps the scalp moisturised. Reduce Sebum Secretion: Sandalwood oil is incredibly astringent. It can prevent the overproduction of scalp sebum, heal split ends, and promote hair growth.
  • Rosewater: Rosewater is an excellent dandruff-removing substance. After all, dandruff results in discomfort and irritation. Additionally, roses have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which is an impeccable hair solution which can treat scratched and injured scalps and support healthy head skin.
  • Khus Oil: It contains antibacterial qualities that help heal wounds and stop dandruff, one of the many different hair disorders. It is well known for its moisturising qualities, which help to replenish the natural oil on your scalp and stop additional hair infections.
  • Mulethi/Liquorice: If you are experiencing hair loss and searching for a natural cure, mulethi may be the solution. Liquorice powder stimulates the scalp’s blood flow and feeds the roots by giving the hair follicles essential nutrients. This natural ingredient prevents hair loss and conditions the hair, giving it a healthy sheen.
  • Ratanjot: This herb-infused oil encourages hair development. It is a natural hair conditioner that slows down hair loss, balding, and premature greying. Ratanjot has been used as a healthy herb for generations. Regular usage of Ratanjot root with oil will stop premature hair ageing and also stops balding.

Headaches, vertigo, and general mental weakness can all be relieved and treated with the aid of an Ayurvedic hair oil rich in the aforementioned Ayurvedic herbs. Regular application of this oil prevents early hair bleaching and leaves hair smooth, silky, and shiny. Even in the hottest summers, applying such an Ayurvedic hair oil in the morning helps us work longer hours while reducing the effects of sunstroke. It is best to use the hair oil at night before bed so that the herbs’ effects last longer and benefit your hair more. helps one sleep soundly.

Regular use of oil aids in reducing scalp dryness, which is a major contributor to dandruff and other skin conditions. The Tankar Ayurvedic Hair Oil known as the Ghrit Kumari Hair Oil is a game changer in the sector of Ayurvedic remedies for trichological ailments and dermatological abnormalities.


It is best to slightly warm Ayurvedic hair oil before using it. It enhances the oil’s advantages and is quickly absorbed into the scalp. Apply it at night so that the oil’s nutrients can penetrate the roots and fortify them, and then wash your hair in the morning. An old Indian hair care cure called Ayurvedic hair oil is now sold online in pre-packaged bottles.

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