Ayurvedic Benefits of AD Vitamin Oil Massage

For the treatment of newborns, the foundations of traditional Ayurvedic medicine include a protocol that must be followed, which is the daily Abhyanga routine, an Ayurvedic body massage. According to current scientific studies, neonatal massage, particularly with AD vitamin baby oil, is incredibly useful for a baby’s healthy development.

It is necessary to routinely massage your baby with the appropriate Ayurvedic oil that has the elements needed to improve bone health and develop muscular tissue, as childhood is a crucial time for the development of bones, tissues, and muscles. One such Ayurvedic baby oil is the Tankar Ayurvedic Oil, which contains the beneficial ingredients like turmeric, tulsi, carrot seed oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, cod liver oil, and wheat germ oil. Jasmine oil-infused mineral oil serves as a fragrance ingredient. These organic nutrients all work together to strengthen your baby’s bones, soften their delicate skin and strengthen a kid’s immunity booster.

The practice of giving your baby a body massage with an Ayurvedic AD vitamin baby oil every day until they are at least a year old is crucial for their health in the future. An elderly member of the family, such as the grandmother, would typically perform this task in the majority of Indian households. The mother and father can alternate doing the same in contemporary nuclear homes, where there is little to no support. Additionally, the contact fosters a relationship of security and trust between the newborn and the parents.

When to Start the Massage?

Although there isn’t a certain perfect time to begin massage therapy, it is best to begin within 2-4 weeks after birth. During this period, the newborn infant’s skin barrier has a chance to grow and will assist safeguard against the baby acquiring dry skin or any allergic reactions to the Ayurvedic baby oil or lotion you use for the massage. By this time, the navel stump has also dried up and begun to heal, decreasing the risk of infection. Avoid massaging the stomach and the navel if you want to begin the massage early.

Before beginning the massage, it is best to speak with your doctor if the baby is premature or has a low birth weight.

Merits of These Massage Therapies

For different stages of a baby’s physical development, an abhyanga offers a variety of advantages. The following is a list of the main advantages of an Ayurvedic Abhyanga:

  • The usage of herb-infused oils aids in boosting a baby’s white blood cell development, thus acting as a kid’s immunity booster.
  • Strengthens the infant’s bones and muscles.
  • Strengthens and moisturises the skin.
  • Helps the blood to circulate freely.
  • The Ayurvedic baby oil soothes the infant and brings on a peaceful sleep.
  • Acts as a digestive aid.
  • Aids in healing Cradle cap, which is a rash that causes the scalp to become flaky and crusty and is common in infants.
  • Supports the development of the neurological and sensory systems.
  • Strengthens the link between the mother and the child.

Measures for a Safe Massage

Taking precautions before performing the massage is important as the developing stages of the body of an infant are very weak when it is about coming in contact with any sort of external stimuli, thus the below-mentioned steps should be considered for the sake of your newborn.

  • Don’t massage the infant while holding it in your arms. With the oil on your hands, there is a chance that the infant could slip and damage themselves.
  • When the infant has just been fed, never massage him or her.
  • When the infant is sick, has a cold, a cough, a fever, or an upset stomach, massages should be avoided.
  • Before taking up the child to provide a bath, wash your hands.
  • Make care to keep your hands clean and to keep your nails short.
  • Apply light pressure while rubbing with your palms rather than your fingertips.
  • Always set the child on a towel or old sheet that has been laid out on the floor or bed.


Doctors used to dismiss the idea of toddler massage as unsanitary and illogical, but they are gradually coming around to the idea that it is quite beneficial for babies. Numerous studies have shown that using the right AD vitamin baby oil, like Tankar Ayurvedic Oil, during massage causes the production of hormones like oxytocin, which makes both the mother and the kid feel happy. Additionally, it works wonders to strengthen the emotional connection between parents and children.

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